Girlboss Spotlight: Julia Agrippina, Roman Empress (49-54 A.D.)

Revenge Queen, Bad Bitch, Murderer!


by: taylor rivers

This weeks Girl Boss spotlight is on none other than Julia Agrippina of Ancient Rome! 

Listen up ladies, we’ve all been there. You meet a new guy, you convince him to adopt your son, and then you murder him so your son can be king.

But being a vicious power-hungry killer takes WERK, and Julia Agrippina of Ancient Rome knew this too well. When she was alive, Julia Agrippina was snatched. And not just because of her impeccable style, this lady boss had a double-canine jaw! You heard that right, she had TWO sets of teeth. Gorge!

Miss Agrippina was a mother first, and a double-toothed bad bitch second. Her son, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, was her literal favourite human and she wanted him to be Emperor so bad. So, like any nasty woman, she found an Emperor to marry and forced him to adopt her son. Bingo. Only one thing left to do, MURDER! Like any career-minded woman, Julia Agrippina mixed some poison into her husbands drink and voila, her son was the emperor. Yas!

But guess who else was an emperor? Her brother Claudius! And because of her blood-thirst for power, she routinely had casual sex with him. Go off! Later in life when she died, her brother didn’t come to her funeral (boo!) because he was said to have gone completely insane. We stan! Drive him crazy, ladies.

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